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Microscope Colorimeter CR-241, Ultra-Small 0.3mm -1.8mm View Area. The CR-241 enables accurate color measurement of extremely small objects. The CR-241 has a SLR (single-lens-reflex) microscope viewing system.

Measurements are performed without touching the specimen. The CR-241 features a 45/0 illuminating and viewing geometry with 360-degree ring illumination.

The CR-241's data processor provides a wide range of functions, including choice of five different color notations, measurement of absolute color or color difference, statistical calculations. Instruments are remanufactured and come with a new NIST traceable calibration tile and a one year warranty.




Microscope Spectrophotometer CM-300, Ultra-Small 0.2mm to 2.2 mm View Area. Wide angle view Triocular Microscope Spectrophotometer enables accurate color measurement of ultra-small objects.

A pointer illuminates area to be measured, the spectrophotometer uses the same optical path for the measure providing unparalleled measure alignment and accuracy.

The instrument has 200-1100 nm range, read spots of 0.2, 0.4, 1.1, 2.2 mm diameter, four different color space notations with a conversion to Munsell, has 42 illuminates and spectral curve display. Instrument is computer driven and come with a NIST traceable calibration tile and a one year warranty.



  • WIRING HARNESSES - Color codes on wires.
  • MEDICAL - Analysis skin cancer, biopsies.
  • MUSEUMS - Paint chips, Artifacts, Textiles.
  • AGRICULTURE - Individual grains, seeds, rice, nuts, infestations, leaf diseases, mold. 
  • PHARMA - Small pill color, Color dot of pregnancy kits.
  • PRINT - Bank Notes, credit card fonts, print letters, laser print, pixels.